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We at Pap’s know that there are many beef jerky brands out there.  The beef jerky found in local stores is the mass produced type, chopped and formed made with lower grades of meats and fillers. We were determined to create the kind very best kind of jerky –  meat snacks that are healthy, high in protein, minimally processed, and full of flavor.

We began experimenting with different cuts of beef, marinades and spices, to create the recipe for Pap’s. Premium, very lean, thin cuts of solid beef, with no preservatives or MSG. The next steps were marinating and slowly cooking for specific periods of time and exact temperatures. Pap’s finished beef jerky is tender, healthy, high in protein, with robust seasonings that compliment the flavor of the beef. Focus on these details is what makes Pap’s jerky so tender it chews down like a steak.


Pap’s beef sticks are 100% USDA pure American beef. Unlike most other beef jerky brands, fillers such as pork, corn solids, soy flour or mechanically separated chicken are NEVER used. Most commercially marketed beef sticks will contain one or all of those ingredients. Pap’s follows old world sausage making techniques that make a much better beef stick. Using only the finest quality beef, seasonings and spices available.




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"A different kind of jerky!"

— The Taste Bud