AK Fishing Team June Update


The AK Fishing Team has been making the rounds in tournaments this spring and with summer in full swing, we will be shifting to “things that go bump in the night”!  We love the night tournaments as they are just like a great top water bite, you never know what that next bump of the line will have on it!

The weekend of May 18-19 had us at Kentucky Lake with one of our local clubs, Iroquois Bass Club, out of Louisville, KY.  We learned a lot being at the lake 2 weeks prior for a whole week and capitalized a win with a two day total of 36.39 pounds.  We also took big fish for both days.  Roman and I had a great practice day and found them on the north ledges on a Carolina rig in about 15 feet of water on very small baits.

The week of Memorial Day we had the Triton Owners Tournament in Paris Landing ,TN on Kentucky Lake.  Great field of 312 boats and by far the best run tournament I have ever been involved in.  They are so wonderful to the Triton Owners.  We had a good showing but not good enough!  73rd with just over 15 pounds in 5 fish.  This is a 3 fish tournament.  Last check was 63rd place which was just over 1 pound away - hopefully next year!

Early in May we caught them on moving baits like spinner baits and vibrating jigs. Most active feeders seemed to be keyed in on the shad bite so we  tried our best to match it during feeding times.  We managed to coax a few non-active fish into biting 10” Powerbait worms and small Powerbaits on the Carolina rig.  We try to keep it basic and look for schools of fish on points and structure just inside the mouths of the bays so we can take advantage of them if they are on their way in to spawn or out after.  High percentage areas give us the most opportunity to catch fish and with all the pressure, bites can be hard to come by at times.

June brings hot weather, pleasure boating and very warm water temperatures.  We will be switching to night tournaments on our local lakes.  If you have not fished a night tournament, I highly suggest you try them.  Every bite can be a rush as you don’t know if it is a dink or giant!  It is so peaceful on the lakes at night as well.  Fluorescent line and black lights also add to the enigma of hot fishing times ahead.  Favorite night baits are soft plastics that move lots of water like Zoom Brush Hogs and PowerBait 10” worms as well as jigs with a rattle to get their attention.

Roman and I hope you all have tight lines in June and always stay safe with Life Jackets on and Kill switches attached.

David Waldrop