AK's Fishing Hole: March 29 2019 Update


The AK Fishing Team is sponsored by Pap’s Beef Jerky and they have recently kicked off their 2019 season! They will be providing updates throughout the summer on how Pap’s Fuels their Outdoor Lifestyle. Other topics covered will be - lake conditions, fishing reports, lure and method selection and tips for maintenance and storage of your boat. If you have any questions for them or want specific tips, please leave a comment and we’ll take it from there!

First up is an update of the lakes in their home area and under the management of the Louisville District of the Corps of Engineers. You can check out daily updates of water levels and outflow of the dam here as well as info on the Nashville, Ohio and Pittsburgh districts.

Late winter rains were heavy in Kentucky, so our lakes flooded to over 25ft above summer pool. This made everything extremely difficult - it was even tough to find a boat ramp to access most lakes! Early March tournaments were not very productive - 40 boat tournaments were won with only 5 pounds of fish! The Coprs have worked diligently at lowering the lake levels and all of our lakes are now fishable again.

Late winter rains were heavy in our area so our lakes were flooded to over 25 feet above summer pool in our area.  This made even finding a boat ramp to access the lakes difficult.  Early March tournaments were not very productive with 40 boat tournaments being won with only 5 pounds of fish.  The Corps have worked hard at lowering the lake levels and all our lakes are fishable now. 

With the water levels falling and the original bank close to visible, we have found fishing the original bank line with reaction type lures have worked best for us. Cover the water to find a fish or two and work it over then move again to the next spot.  Having a few different moving baits on deck to rotate through also help locate our prey and then we use one or two slower baits we’re confident with like a jig or creature bat Texas rigged to work over the water.

Warming water temps and the last full moon might put the bass on an early spawn, but we will see as Mother Nature will do as she wants. 

We hope to see you soon and if you see us on the water, pull us over and pick up some Pap’s Beef Jerky!  We always have some in the boat to help “Fuel our Outdoor Lifestyle”!

Til next time!

The AK Fishing Team

David Waldrop